Keenu Naturals was created due to a lack of all natural products that truly cater to all hair types especially those that have more coarse, coily, and dry hair. Our CEO, Ke`ena Belk, started her natural hair journey in 2013, and struggled to properly care for her hair from home. She also had a hard time seeing herself as beautiful when she wore her natural hair, and because of this she found herself often wearing her hair in weave styles to hide her natural hair. Determined to achieve visible and actual healthy hair, she began experimenting with DIY products in her home. She wanted to make something that helped her love her natural 4C hair. Due to this, Keenu Naturals was born. She knew (note our name) just what naturals needed.Today, she has formulated products that not only work, but also leave a lasting effect on your hair. All of our products are handmade with all natural ingredients. Each product is designed with naturals in mind every step of the way, in order to allow the maximum amount of growth, retention, and pure luster.  We have made it our mission to motivate  and support our natural hair community by uplifting you and making natural hair accepted socially and professionally.


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